Hollie and sister

Families we support

Hollie is a typical seven year old girl – she loves make up, animals and dreams of being a famous singer. When Hollie was born all seemed well at first. Then, at six weeks old, she was diagnosed with Jeune Syndrome.

Up until the age of four years old, Mohammed’s parents Mushtak and Roshan had no reason to believe that their son would be anything other than normal. But when he started nursery, things began to change for their entire family.

Frank was born in 2008 and for the first three years of his life he was, as mum Rachel describes, “a regular little boy, very active”. Then in July 2011 he had his first known seizure.

Bev and Andy were overjoyed to welcome their first child Barney into the world in 2009 but at six months old Barney began experiencing seizures and was diagnosed with Lissencephaly.

After having two healthy children, Caroline and David were thrilled to welcome a new addition to their family. But straight away Caroline knew there was something wrong with her new son, Charlie.