Accumulating vital funds

Eight teams from Legal & General took on their very own Accumulator Challenge when they tasked team leaders to raise as much money as they could in three months with an initial stake of £100.

Fundraising activities took place in both the Kingswood and Cardiff offices and included meditation classes, shoe-shine Mondays, comedy night, silent auctions for paintings by some of L&G’s talented artists, football tournament and sponsored Aquathon, bake ins, cake sales, book sales and tombolas, Bingo, buzzgame and quizzes as well as sponsored body waxing and tattoos!

The winning team raised an amazing £2,760 and overall the challenge raised £11,932 which Legal & General will match to bring the totally to almost £24,000 – enough to run our hospice for an entire day.

This is just an example of some of the ways our corporate partners are able to make a vital contribution to our work.  Find out other ways your company could get involved.