Today’s #Fitfeb challenge – can you complete 21 Glute Bridges? (or make a donation if that’s a glute bridge too far) We’re two thirds of the way through the #FitFeb challenge – Can you complete 20 push ups (either full or half) Professional #photographer in the making? Thank you Click Photography Workshops for hosting a free workshop at #HamptonCourt for bereaved siblings. #legends #kind #bereavement #family #siblings #charity #brother #sister #supported We’re stepping up the pace for #Fitfeb. Complete 19 Russian twists or you Moscow and make a donation. #FitFeb #Badpuns Can you stop a sleepy walker from wandering into a lake, or hand out sizzling bacon sandwiches with a smile at 5am? If so we need YOU to volunteer at this year’s #SunriseWalk – with over 400 walkers last year, we couldn’t have managed the day without help from our fabulous volunteers. If you can lend a hand please sign up on our website It’s Reverse Lunge time #FitFeb . Reverse lunges put less stress on the knees than normal lunges, as does sitting on the sofa and donating to us instead, It’s Friday! Time for some single leg squats. These are great for runners. And if you are a runner, have you had a look at the opportunities to run for us in a Marathon or Half-Marathon? #FitFeb It’s Day 15 and we’re halfway through our #FitFeb Challenge. As it’s been an indulgent week Professor Popplepants has decided to work off his pancakes and chocolates by trying today’s challenge – cross body punches. Today’s #FitFeb challenge is the Curtsey Lunge. Just be wary of doing it in front of your partner or they might think you’re attempting to propose Last #ValentinesDay Amyas, who has Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, defied his condition by writing and performing a song for his crush, proving that love can find a way. By sponsoring a music therapy session, you can help more children find ways to share their #love Try some Standing Side Ab Crunches to make space for those pancakes later! #Day13 #FitFeb #FitFeb day 12. Time for some tuck jumps. Or tuck into lunch and donate to us instead. Today’s #FitFeb challenge is to do 11 skaters. Or donate some money and help us continue to provide magical moments for supported children like ice skating at Hampton Court Today’s challenge is 10 Donkey Kicks. #FitFeb While deciding whether to attempt it we distracted ourselves by remembering the nice donkeys who took part in our Christmas Nativity video a few years ago We just had to share this lovely photo from one of our supported families. Two sisters enjoying some #fingerpainting #fun at Christopher’s. Day 9. Crunch those abs, or crunch the numbers and donate! #FitFeb Tonight we’re looking forward to welcoming some of our amazing challengers, volunteers and supporters to a special Challenge Champions event hosted by our good friends at Fullers. This is our chance to say a huge thank you to the people who run marathons, climb mountains and cross oceans to raise money for us, and to the supporters and volunteers who cheer them on their way. Guests will get an exclusive tour of the brewery followed by a chance to sample some of the end results at the free bar. Later on in the evening we will be presenting awards, including the hotly contested Challenger of the Year award, as voted for by you! If you didn’t get a place in this year’s #RideLondon (or if you did and want to ride as part of a great team raising money for a fantastic cause) then come and ride for Shooting Star Chase. We’re accepting applications for our charity places now For today’s Fitness Challenge, Professor Popplepants agreed to come and do lunges (turns out he misheard it as lunches) #FitFeb If you don’t fancy doing 7 tricep dips today, why not dip into your purse or wallet and donate a few pounds to help us continue supporting children with life-limiting conditions. #FitFeb Thank you to our wonderful patron Joan Collins for officially opening our #Fulham store today, and for personally donating over 500 items to stock it with! Today’s challenge: 6 side planks. These are apparently great for strengthening your quadratus lumborum, whatever that is. #FitFeb It’s Monday, what could make Monday worse? Press-ups could! Drop and give us 5, or put your hand in your pocket. Remember it’s all for a great cause. #FitFeb Fitness challenge day 4 – complete four 10 second army crawls (or just make a donation to Shooting Star Chase if you’d prefer a lie-in)