What short breaks do we provide at our hospices?

Planned short breaks

Caring for a life-limited child or young person is emotionally and physically exhausting. That’s why we provide nearly 3,000 short breaks each year at our two children’s hospices.

We give families a number of nights every year to use in the way that suits them best. These short breaks give the children and young people a range of fun, sensory and therapeutic activities, while parents can choose to stay at the hospice to enjoy family time together or get a complete break.

Emergency short breaks

Occasionally, a family may require short notice support due to an unexpected situation that arises.

This may include situations such as the child’s main carer being taken ill, deterioration of the condition of the sick child or a major facilities failure at home for a prolonged period.

At Shooting Star Chase we pride ourselves on our flexible care and will always do our best to support a family in a crisis situation.

“Shooting Star Chase provides a lifeline. To know your child is in the hands of fully qualified professionals and is in an environment tailored to all their needs gives you total trust and confidence to leave your child.”