A high energy corporate challenge

Twenty of Citi Private Bank’s finest athletes recently took on another crazy cycle challenge for Shooting Star Chase.

Over three days they cycled a total of 300km including the mythical Mont Ventoux at 1,912 metres and then on to Antibes. The 20 strong team battled 100km/h gusts at the summit of Mont Ventoux which made it difficult to stand let alone cycle up, making the achievement even more incredible.

One of the Citi team members was Iain Armitage, a father who has experienced first-hand the support provided at Shooting Star Chase. Iain and his wife Charis’ son Lachlan had an extremely rare genetic disease called Tay Sachs. His family were supported by Shooting Star Chase during Lachlan’s life and after his death in 2007. Since then they’ve tirelessly fundraised for Shooting Star Chase.

Iain said: “The climb was extremely tough but as it turned out, only one part of the challenge due to the unbelievable winds that we encountered. 6kms from the peak we emerged above the tree line to face winds gusting to 120km/h which physically knocked a number of us off our bikes, and made it impossible to cycle in certain places. Nevertheless, walking (and even crawling at one point), we reached the top with my own summit coming in at a respectable 1hr 53mins (the pro record is 55mins!).”

Since 2013 Citi cyclists have raised over £150,000 for Shooting Star Chase.

This is just an example of some of the ways our corporate partners are able to make a vital contribution to our work. Find out other ways your company could get involved.