Ensono took their fundraising to new heights and a new continent in 2018. They sent a team of 28 intrepid fundraisers to successfully conquer the Great Wall of China and in the process raised over £20,000 for their two chosen charities Shooting Star Chase and Ty Hafan.

Amanda Thomas detailed their incredible challenge below…

“The weather in September was amazing at  27-30 degrees, and whilst it did add some extra difficulty, it did mean the views were very far reaching and stunning. Many of the local Chinese were laughing at us in our walking boots, poles, ruck sacks etc, whilst they were walking the wall in flat shoes, jeans and carrier bags and many insisted on taking selfies with us.

The accommodation could be best described as “rustic” and we stayed in a number of small rural villages a few hours out from Beijing. The food was great and we ate Chinese everyday and it was fun seeing how the Chinese think we eat and drink.  We were served coke and lemonade with all meals and coffee (when provided)  was with milk and sugar already added.

The *cough cough* toilets facilities left much to be desired, but we soon got used to it. Having said that, the public toilets without doors were a step too far for me.  

The 1,000 steps up to the bottom of the heavenly ladder and then a further 300 to the top was hard going, but the views were spectacular and we all felt a great sense of achievement, plus it was very emotional when we had our pictures taken with the banners of our chosen charities.

The guides were amazing and really looked after us and if anyone is in two mind about doing this trek I would thoroughly recommend it.”