Set up a payroll giving scheme at work, encouraging your staff to give a regular gift to Shooting Star Chase through their salary. Payroll giving provides us with consistent and regular support, thus enabling us to plan for the future. Any amount, big or small will a make difference; you can help make every moment count.

Payroll giving – also known as give as you earn – is an easy way for people to donate to charity through their salary. Thousands of companies large and small offer it to their staff.

It’s a really flexible system that allows your staff to donate as much or as little as they wish to the charity of their choice. The donation is taken before tax, so it costs you less and the taxman makes up the rest – meaning we get the donation twice.

Why is payroll giving great for employers?

Donations are deducted from salaries before tax, making it a tax-efficient way to give.

It’s easy to set up and any administration costs are tax deductible.

Donations can be counted as part of your Charity of the Year targets.

You can use the government’s Payroll Giving Quality Mark and might also qualify for a Quality Award Mark if you promote your scheme.

It could help you win other national awards, such as the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards or the Pay and Benefits Awards.

How much does it cost employees?

See the table below which shows how little it could cost you each month

Your donation You actually pay
(20% tax rate)
You actually pay (40% tax rate) Shooting Star Chase receives
£5 £4 £3 £5
£10 £8 £6 £10
£20 £16 £12 £20
£50 £40 £30 £50


Set up your donation today or for further information on payroll giving, please telephone us on 01932 823100 or email

Sometimes your donation can take a little while to get to us, so don’t worry if your donations don’t appear on your payslip straight away.

For more information take a look at our handy guides Payroll Giving for Employers and Payroll Giving for Employees.