March 2018

Luis – Ran the Surrey Half Marathon Kids Race

Luis became a very proud uncle to Ophelia at the age of 5 years old. When his baby niece was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at 6 months old it was very hard on all the family, especially for Luis.

“Shooting Star Chase made it possible for Luis to spend quality time with Ophelia, doing the normal things children do, like swimming, playing and having fun in a safe and supportive environment,” says Luis’ mum, Sue. “Luis didn’t see it as a hospice, it was just a special place where memories could be made. Ophelia spent many a happy day and night at the hospice and stayed there with her mummy and daddy, sadly passing away at only 8 months old.”

This March, at the grand age of 7 years old, Luis decided he wanted to take part in the Surrey Half Marathon Kids Race (part of UK’s largest kids’ running races for those aged 6 – 16), hoping to raise some money for Shooting Star Chase, a special place the family felt was like a second home to Ophelia. On Sunday 11th March, budding young runners of all ages gathered together in Woking ready to challenge themselves for a good cause. Thankfully avoiding the unseasonal snow and welcoming the sunshine, Luis set off on the 2km race.

“Luis wanted to raise some money to buy some new special toys for the children that spent time at the hospices. On the morning of the race, he was very excited and said he wanted to win. It was such a great day, with thousands being raised for many different charities,” explains Sue.

Although the race was tough and he didn’t win, Luis said he managed to carry on running because Ophelia was running with him.

“Shooting Star Chase played a very important part in Ophelia’s life and Luis and the whole family will always be grateful for the amazing help and supported we received.”