November 2018

Trevor & Dan – Rickshaw Run across Sri Lanka

November COTMWhen friends Trevor and Dan decided they wanted to support their friends the Poole family, whose daughter Elsie was cared for by Shooting Star Chase, it was The Rickshaw Run Challenge that really shone out to them. Trevor explained, “The challenge was a seven day trek across Sri Lanka (from top to bottom covering 450km) in a motorised Tuk Tuk! When Dan and I spoke to our partners Amy and Jaime, Jaime suggested we raise funds for Shooting Star Chase in memory of Elsie Poole.”

Elsie suffered from West Syndrome, an epileptic condition. “Her strength was amazing throughout her tough little life. She spent a lot of time at Shooting Star Chase, they were incredible and have helped Elsie and her family so much. So we wanted to raise as much money as we could for them in memory of their precious little owl,” explained Trevor.

“We got to know Elsie’s family over the past couple of years and were aware of Team Elsie and some of the amazing challenges they had taken on to raise what would work out to be a week of care at Shooting Star Chase. We were so honoured to be raising money for the charity and increase the funds already raised by Elsie’s family and friends. Dan and I both have children and the empathy we feel for Elsie family’s meant we had a solid reason to take on the challenge,” said Trevor.

November COTM

So the friends jetted off to Sri Lanka to embark on their seven day challenge. “We had an amazing experience that will live with us for the rest of our lives,” said Trevor. “Particularly with the team spirit of all the different challengers helping each other through some really rough terrain and driving conditions so far from what we are used to at home. We experienced the warmth of the Sri Lankan people that we met, who all welcomed us along the way. In terms of endurance we had it lucky, it was not like running marathons as Martin (Elsie’s Dad) has done in memory of his daughter or the marathon Holly (Elsie’s Mum) will be running in April 2019, but we really had to test our patience and resilience. Not a day passed where we didn’t break down and had to rely on help from the wonderful locals…or a bit of gaffer tape!”

“At the end of the 7 days we were elated and exhausted but ready to get home to our families , we were extremely proud of the money we raised and hope we can do more in the future to support such a wonderful charity,” said Trevor.

Holly, Elsie’s mum said of the challenge, “We were so excited when Trevor and Dan asked to support #teamelsie for Shooting Star Chase. They had heard about our fundraising in Elsie’s memory and they were keen to support. They have seen how important it is for us to reach our target of £189,000 (a weeks care) in memory of Elsie so we were thrilled when they said they were embarking on the rickshaw challenge. It’s unbelievable to think that Shooting Star Chase and #teamelsie made an impact as far away as Sri Lanka. We are so proud that news of such a wonderful place that supports these incredible children can reach such far away places. It means so much to us we are so proud of the guys for getting us closer to our target in such a fantastic way.”

November COTM

If you’d like to donate to Trevor and Dan’s fund you can here and if you are inspired to take on your own challenge click here. You can read more about the families we help to support here